International Exchange Rates

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How to get the Best Currency Exchange Rate

Exchange rates are far more competitive with foreign exchange specialists, by up to 85% cheaper than banks
Shop around for the best exchange rates. Get multiple currency quotes on each money transfer.
Only transact with an FCA authorized currency exchange specialist. Vet each broker carefully.
Compare rates: the mid-market exchange rate is not the same as the ‘sell currency rate.’
Make sure your currency broker operates segregated client accounts. This protects client funds.
Consider a forward contract on large money transfers. It allows you to protect against any future currency fluctuations that may work against you.
Don’t expect to obtain the exchange rates you see on our currency converter. This is the mid-market rate
Don't settle for the first money transfer deal you stumble across. Banks are an expensive way of sending money abroad
Don’t trust any currency broker. Ensure they are properly regulated & have track record. Ask questions.
Avoid honeymoon rates. Compare our currency converter versus the sell rate. Eliminate worsening rates over time
Don’take the first exchange rate. If you are transacting over the phone, haggle on the currency exchange markup
Exchange rates move up and down. Nobody has a crystal ball & whilst you should monitor rates, don't fret after you have transacted.

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